Man-eating Penguins

Man-eating Penguins

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Is it  too far fetched to think of man-eating penguins?  I think not.

Those crazily cute birds are smart and very well-adapted. In fact, i have read from an internet source that these creatures have been around since  30 million years ago. An added proof that these creatures are highly adaptable. Which further means that they will try to survive no matter what.

After realizing this fact, i just couldn’t help imagining  a massive army of penguins envading the human inhabited places because they have ran out of food in their previous territories. (o.O)


I shudder at the thought. How can we possibly survive their cuteness? Tell me, how can we run away when they come to us, with arms wide open, in  a waddling gait and looking like this : ??


We just can’t help but stop and gaze at their cuteness… uhhhhh… Imagine those adorable, little fiends! While we pat them and give in to their seemingly warm  little hugs, they show their true form and become this:


I am not really an anti-penguin person. Believe me, i like them so much. i even have one folder of cute little penguin pictures i downloaded from the net. But hey, i’m just being objective here.  ;-p


2 responses to this post.

  1. this can’t be true… i love penguins too.


    • haha yes it can…maybe…soonish… (crossing my fingers to it) ;D
      and ill be so pissed off if one day ill wake up and find one chewing on my fingertip.


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